Gardiz: July 21, 2009,

 A series of coordinated suicide bombers attacks occurred in Gardiz city today killing and injuring several people. Among the causalities at least 5 police personal and some militants were included. 

Reports say that suicides have targeted the city police headquarter, intelligence directorate and some other government offices. Reports further add that two suicide bombers successfully hit their targets while the third one wearing the woman BURQA was shoot dead before reaching his target.

Taliban spokesman has disclosed to media that 15 suicide bombers have been entered to the city. Some of them launched this attack while some others still existed in the city. 

Sounds of heavy explosions fallowed by dispersed firings were hared around 10:00AM, while we were sitting in our office just few hundred meters away from one of the hit targets.

Fear dispersed among the city dwellers. Eye witnesses said that shops and business centers were closed immediately after explosions and people fled the city. On the other hand, police also imposed ban on movements immediately after the incident and closed the streets leading to the targeted area till late afternoon.

Couple of hours latter some jet airplanes were also flying over the sky of Gariz city.

 This was the biggest security during past few months in Gardiz the capital of south-eastern Paktia that was comparatively clam. While, the neighboring Khost province was also hit by the same kind simultaneous suicide attacks in last May.

General security incidents across the country have been deteriorated during past few weeks. Past few weeks were also the bloodiest for Both Afghan and International forces who have also suffered a big number of casualties.

Considering the situation of past few weeks, security may further worsen and  Incidents of insecurity may further increase during next months ahead of August 20th general elections for presidency and provincial.

د ګرديز د ښار يو واټ چې د پيښې د يو هدف (امنيه قومنداني) پر لور غزيدلی دی
د ګرديز د ښار يو واټ چې د پيښې د يو هدف (امنيه قومنداني) پر لور غزيدلی دی

By: Gul