After collapse of the Taliban regime 9 years back, today millions of Afghans went for the second time to polling stations to choose their representatives for the lower house of parliament i.e. Wolusi Jirga,.  More than 5000 polling stations and centers are established in all 34 provinces across the war torn country. While, tens of hundreds others were closed due to security threats.

Reports of violence and armed clashes have been received from various parts of the country. At least a death toll of 30 people is reported by media in tens of election related incidents across the country.  Taliban had already announced to disrupt the so-called western backed process and had warned people not to take part in it. 249 representatives including 68 women will be elected among 2500 candidates campaigned during past couple of months.

Lower turn out was Observed compared to the last year’s presidential election which was associated with large scale fraud, deception and irregularities. Officials of the election commission has not ruled out occurrence of fraud and irregularities, however stated that they would try their best to prevent them. Not functioning of punch machines and erasable ink were the mostly reported problem from many polling stations so for. In addition, later supply of ballot papers and casting of votes by children are also reported.

Reports of irregularities and fraud could increase in coming hours and days as counting of ballots have just started and reports from rural and hardly accessible remote  areas are not received yet, where presence of the national and international observers were rare or even not existed.

Although, counting of the ballots have started in many polling stations. According to the officials of the election commission, immediate results will be available locally just after the completion of counting in the polling stations while, the final results are expected in next couple of weeks.

Observors (Candidators representatives) are more than voter in one of polling center in Balkh province.
No one knows what is happening inside of the roome behind the closed doors of this polling center, but people and observors are gathered out side. Mazar-e-Sharif
A voter is being given a ballot paper in one of the polling stations in Mazar-e-Sharif cit, northern Afghanistan.


A voter is marking his finger-Balkh province


A ballot paper of Balkh province


An election official is idle and waiting for voters in Mazar-e-Sharif
Sultan Ghiasuddin School, Where one of the polling station was established in Mazar-e-Sharif city